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Our products are used across a wide range of industries. As an experienced supplier of high-quality thermoformed parts for vehicle, machine and plant construction as well as medical and electrical engineering, we are familiar with almost every conceivable requirement. We produce solutions for large corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies, and accompany and support our customers on the journey from first idea to finished product. This starts with the elaboration of your concept and the right choice of material, followed by precise implementation of your quality requirements including design, mould making, thermoforming and finishing – always with the utmost precision.

Commercial vehicles

Covers for lights, protective hoods and integrated special signalling solutions for commercial vehicles are all exposed to high loads. They must therefore meet the highest quality standards and guarantee a precise fit.

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Mechanical engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering, solutions are often required that are not available off the shelf. We develop and produce customised solutions by combining our many years of experience with the requisite creativity.

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Agriculture and forestry

Due to special requirements, vehicles used in agriculture and forestry are typically equipped with windows made of plastic. We produce optically high-quality windscreens and side windows in series.

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Medical technology

Achieving high strength across large surfaces with low wall thickness – this is the key challenge in the field of medical technology. We develop and produce individual parts as well as complete functional units for medical applications.

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Environmental engineering

Custom designs using materials with especially high mechanical strength are the order of the day for thermoformed parts in the field of environmental engineering. Depending on the application, they may be subjected to enormous pressure, especially when transporting liquids.

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