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In the agricultural and forestry sector, we manufacture interior and exterior panels as well as covers and housings for technical equipment. These solutions are based on our many years of experience working with GRP (for exterior applications) and thermoforming technology (for interior trim). Our technical know-how and high quality standards ensure that the resulting parts meet the most demanding requirements. We primarily focus on the production of small and medium series that meet the demand for robust surfaces and durable materials.

Exterior panels

The exterior panels that we produce for applications in the agriculture and forestry sector are characterised by robust surfaces and extreme sturdiness. We cover the entire process chain, from design and toolmaking to fibre composite technology and CNC milling, as well as assembly and finishing of subassemblies or complete functional units.

Interior trim

Vehicle cabs are typically cramped spaces with only enough room for the required functions. Therefore, the interior trim must consist of materials with high strength and a low wall thickness – we design the corresponding parts and manufacture them via the thermoforming process. All the necessary moulds are manufactured in our in-house mould and model-making department to ensure that every requirement can be met.

Attachment covers

Transparent covers for technical equipment used in agriculture and forestry work must be one thing above all: sturdy! These machines are typically used outdoors and exposed to extreme stresses, stone impacts and weathering. With this in mind, we rely on thermoforming technology to create solid plastic parts characterised by a perfect surface and high strength.